"Many of our patients benefit from regular check ups. Continuing treatment as a maintenance plan can help provide you long-term relief"


At Better Health we have various treatment and therapeutic techniques so we can easily tailor the treatment to suit your needs and requirements.

Spinal Manipulation has profound effects. The delivery of the adjustment to the spine reduces joint stiffness, improves movement and flexibility and stimulates the nervous system acting to reduce joint and muscle pain.

Patients also receive great benefit from Massage, Muscle Release Techniques and Stretching, Acupuncture (the application of needles to Trigger Points in the muscles), Kinesiotaping (taping method for supportive measures, pain relief and reduction of swelling) and InterX Therapy (Neuro-stimulation device).


Supporting the beneficial effects of treatment and aiding the recovery of damaged tissues includes the prescription of rehabilitative exercises such as strengthening and stretching exercises which can be designed for you to do at home or at your Gym.

The aim of rehabilitation is to address any muscular imbalances between weak and tight supporting muscles that are creating areas of stress and strain on your spine, which can lead to re-injury and the re-occurrence of pain. The goal of rehabilitation is long-term recovery.

Maintaining Better Health

A healthy spine is reflected in a healthy individual, maintaining a healthy spine should be as important as keeping a healthy smile.

Many of our patients benefit from regular check ups, choosing to continue their treatment as part of a maintenance plan, helping to keep their spine and nervous system as healthy as possible, free from stiffness and pain providing long-term relief.